al-khafjiAl-Qaryan Group has rewarded for “Sale and Demolition of Old Power Plant Facility” project belong to Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KJO). The Project is primarily consisting of sale, dismantling, demolition and removal / disposal of existing old power plant facilities, equipment items, spare parts and handover to the KJO a clean Project Site Area.

The project was initiated on November 2009 for the duration of nine months. In the project, we are responsible for the handling of the recoverable items including all required demolition work, safe disconnection of pipes and cables from the dismantled equipment, and disassembling if required, loading, transportation and unloading both at site and any off-site location.

The recoverable materials of the project are six (6) gas turbine units, air compressor, emergency generators and associated equipments, surplus spare parts and the re-usable materials in the demolished buildings, such as cables and cable trays etc. The relevant drawings and operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals are included for some identified items.